Church Leadership Roles

Church Council Leadership Roles 2014 -2016

First United Methodist Church

Fairfield, Texas

Serving God with Love

The New Testament word for church is ekklesia.  This comes from a combination of words which mean “called out.”  The church is a group of people who are called out of society into a special relationship with God and others to serve God and others.  First Peter 2:10 refers to a people who “were no people but now . . . are God’s people.”  The church has its identity because it is called out by God.  Before we were “nobody,” but now we are “somebody” because God has called us.

The church grows because people invite people to visit and become a part of the church. God uses people to bring people. People who are absorbed in serving God create a contagious atmosphere for inviting people and encouraging others to serve.

A beautiful, biblical image of how this ministry of each person in the ekklesia functions is found in 1 Corinthians 12.  Paul compares the ministry of the church to the human body.  He points out the functions of the different members of the body.  Each member has its own individuality, but each member finds its significance in its functional relationship to the other members of the body.  The individual parts of the body function together to give cohesiveness and unity to the whole body.

Posted here on this site is a listing of the elected officers of FUMC and a brief description of their duties. I know that you will pray for these persons who have accepted the responsibility of leadership. I also need you to pray and commit yourself to working with these individuals when they call for volunteers. By working together, Serving God with Love, we make the body of Christ visible to the world.

I’ll see you in worship,

Pastor Paul

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